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Give your child a head start, we have many exceptional activities here at Apple Montessori London.

The following is a list of our extra activities.


We have included Spanish as our second language in our childcare setting, which is included in our learning journey for your child. Our Spanish teacher visits us weekly and we continue her teachings and revisions throughout the week within our curriculum. This is the perfect time to introduce your child to another language as it has been proven to enrich the child’s overall learning ability. We will learn through themes and projects which will ensure a more interesting learning experience for your child.

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Our music tutor also visits us weekly and instructs us on our musical instruments and also introduces the children to the basics of sheet music reading. We explore rhythm, language, expression and patterns in music using both classical and modern music and encourage the children to use their own ideas.


Dance is also a part of our curriculum and weather permitting we will hold these classes in the garden as much as possible. We use various dance forms and include this in our physical development and balance journey.


We use props to interact with our movements and introduce dance from around the world so as to expand our learning even further.

Yoga and Pilates

Our yoga and pilates sessions will help children to be calm and focussed in the classroom. Each session includes traditional yoga sequences: 

  • Warm-up exercises

  • Breathing techniques

  • Asana (postures)

  • Partner asanas

  • Relaxation and calming exercises


Children really enjoy this part of the curriculum and it helps with focusing on themselves and their abilities.


Our weekly cookery classes will come from child led ideas, so be prepared to be presented with some culinary masterpieces. It is all about the process, engaging the children in measuring, mixing, different textures, tastes and smells and also how when we add heat or cold how a substance can change dramatically.


Our children will start at the beginning by preparing our vegetable patch by sowing and caring for our seeds through the growing process. We will then use some of our vegetables in our cooking process. We will also care for our established plants by exploring them and our bugs in our garden. Be prepared for some messy play!


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