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Montessori education: the optimum method of learning

Within the Montessori method of teaching we have developed a child centred environment, where all materials are accessible by the children and all of the Montessori materials are self-correcting.


Individual learning supported by the early years foundation stage takes place allowing each child to learn at their own pace. The materials and equipment presented to the children allow for hands on learning which allows a natural sense of discovery and joy in their work.


The children work for the joy of working and the sense of discovery. They are natural leaders or "sponges" and delight in learning new tasks because their interests lie in the work itself rather than in the end product.


Our learning environment is "prepared" for the children. Everything in the room has a specific place on the shelf. Children are orderly by nature and having the room set this way allows them to grow in a very positive way. The teacher plays a very unobtrusive role in the classroom so the children are not motivated by the teacher, but by the need for self-development.


Our Montessori classes start at 8:45am - 11:45 am and 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Monday to Friday. Our opening hours are 7:30 am - 6:30 pm Monday to Friday, 50 weeks per year. We are happy to discuss your individual needs with you should your child need care outside of these hours.

Our nursery services are designed to give your child a first class Montessori education.

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Healthy Nutrition

Whilst we have a huge outdoor area for our children to access at their will, we will also arrange visits to the local park and its play area, along with the local shops and libraries. We will also take the children on regular trips to Ealing on the bus to discover areas of interest there.


For the children, we will also arrange for services such as the local Fire Brigade, Nurses and of course Santa to come and visit us at our childcare setting.


We have enlisted the help of a child nutritionist with our menus, especially for those children who will be joining us for breakfast and lunch. We will encourage new tastes, textures and smells within our menus and will encourage the children where possible to be actively involved in both menu selection and in cooking and preparing our meals.

Parents as Partners

We have created our learning profile within the early years foundation stage programme which will be individual to each of the children in our care. We will assess, observe and guide your child through this learning journey, while also allowing your child to guide us and lead us so as to allow their independence and confidence to shine.


We are happy to discuss this with you in more detail should you decide to enrol your child with us.

The Learning Journey

Here at Apple Montessori London we pride ourselves in our parent's involvement in our childcare settings. We encourage our parents to be active in our learning programme by discussing your child’s development with us and expanding their learning to home.


We have active social media sites which we encourage parents to interact with. There is an Apple Montessori newsletter, email and text service to keep our parents up to date on our activities.


Read more about our activities.

Montessori Teaching

To arrange a visit to any of our childcare facilities call 07852 505 048

Opening Hours

Our opening hours are 7:30 am - 6:30 pm Monday to Friday, 50 weeks per year. We are happy to discuss your individual needs with you should your child need care outside of these hours.

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