We open at 7.30am, welcoming the children and settling them into their day by encouraging some free play in our home corner. Here at Apple Montessori School London we serve a variety of nutritious breakfasts being offered which includes scrambled eggs, pancakes, hot and cold cereals. 


We then move onto work with our Montessori materials, or indeed project work that we may have planned, including arts and crafts, worksheets, and workbooks.  During this time, we also help each of the children with numeracy and literacy, and they each have their own individual workbooks which they work on with the assistance of our staff.


Our Pre-Montessori children come to their play area to start their day with a special circle time involving all of their participation, and a story time. The group then split into mini groups, and enjoy painting, music and dance, jigsaws, numbers, colours, free-play to name just a few.

Outdoor play is a very active part of our day, and we are normally found exploring the 18 acres that we have at our disposal. Muddy puddles, collecting leaves, and visiting our “play house” are very exciting activities for this group.

Our Activities

We offer a full range of Montessori activities, including circle time to discuss the theme and activities that are planned for the day. 

We provide Spanish and French lessons from our Qualified teachers, and Movement and Dance from our Music Teacher.  Tennis Lessons which are a major hit with all of the children are also part of our curriculum, and in September 2108 we started our tots rugby programme with Trailfinders Rugby Club. 

We are also hugely excited to announce our classes with Amanda’s Action Club. And our qualified cricket teacher offers Cricket Lessons on Fridays.  We also use this time to educate children with individual lesson plans, next steps, and development charts.  All of these are available on line for you to look at, and interact with.

Free flow

We encourage our children to engage in our free flow facility within the Montessori Classroom.  This allows each child to develop as an individual, engaging and learning from the activities that interest them the most.  It is with this in mind that we develop our weekly and individual lesson plans for the children in our care, we produce their next steps, and challenge their development.


At the start of your child’s day with us, they are offered a nutritious breakfast, and mid-morning a snack is prepared with the children’s help.  Once our morning session has ended, we enjoy a healthy lunch, which is cooked freshly on the premises each day.  After our rest period, children are offered a healthy snack, and in the evening some ‘tea’ is served to keep your child going until they return home.  Menus are available for parents; however, these are subject to change due to seasonal factors, festivals, or due to the child’s personal taste.  We would of course love to have your suggestions as to how we can improve our menu, or what you would like to see on there.

Quiet time

For any of the children who wish to engage in quiet or rest time, we provide a quiet relaxing atmosphere away from the rest of the children for this purpose.  Children may simply rest, or read a book, or indeed sleep.  All of this is discussed with you the parent to ensure continuity of care for your child.  After this we return to our routine above, until home time.